The Burden of Ionizing Radiation Studies in Children with Ventricular Shunts

Objectives To quantify the number of shunt-related imaging studies that patients with ventricular shunts undergo and to calculate the proportion of computed tomography (CT) scans associated with a surgical intervention. Study design Retrospective longitudinal cohort analysis of patients up to age 22 years with a shunt placed January 2002 through December 2003 at a pediatric […]

First Focused Ultrasound Pediatric Brain Tumor Study Begins

Researchers at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida have performed the first procedure in a pediatric and young adult brain tumor study. The trial aims to demonstrate feasibility and safety of using focused ultrasound to ablate a variety of benign tumors located in the central part of the brain in ten patients, ages 8 to […]

To sedate or not to sedate… General anesthetic considerations in pediatric imaging

In December of 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a safety warning concerning the risk of repeated use of general anesthetics and sedation drugs in young children and pregnant women1.  From a review of the literature, including both animal and human studies, the FDA found consensus data to suggest that early, repeated exposure may […]

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Global X-Ray Safety Glasses Market 2017 Production Chain, Growth Rate, Application, Trend and Analysis

The Market and Research study, titled Worldwide X-Ray Safety Glasses Market 2017, presents critical information and factual data about the X-Ray Safety Glasses market globally, providing an overall statistical study of the X-Ray Safety Glasses market on the basis of market drivers, X-Ray Safety Glasses Market limitations, and its future prospects. The prevalent global X-Ray […]

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Children with Nontraumatic Back Pain and No Red Flags May Not Need Imaging Children with Nontraumatic Back Pain and No Red Flags May Not Need Imaging

Imaging is likely not indicated among children who present with nontraumatic back pain without evidence of clinical red flags, according to an article published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.  The Expert Panel on Pediatric Imaging draws up evidence-based guidelines and makes recommendations regarding the appropriateness of imaging and treatment procedures for […]