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Pediatric Abdominal Radiographs: Common and Less Common Errors

OBJECTIVE. Interpretation of abdominal radiographs of children benefits from a firm knowledge of the congenital anomalies and pathologies unique to this patient population, leveraged by a systematic approach. Interpretive errors place the patients and their families at risk for a delay in diagnosis, unnecessary additional imaging, a potential increase in the radiation burden, and possible […]

New App Assesses Radiation Dosage in Pediatric Imaging

New app assesses radiation dosage in pediatric imaging SPIE Journal of Medical Imaging article reports on ‘big step forward’ via tablet-based 3D modeling app 22 August 2017 BELLINGHAM, Washington, USA, and CARDIFF, UK — A new Java-based application for Android tablets that provides neurosurgeons with the ability to manipulate 3D models of pediatric patients’ neuroanatomy […]

Reminder: What the Image Gently Alliance is About

August 22, 2017 Statement from the Image Gently Alliance on the Potential Risk to Children Associated with Ionizing Radiation from Medical Imaging There is ongoing dialogue in the medical and scientific communities about the level of health risk to children – if any – from exposure to low-level radiation in diagnostic imaging. This discussion includes […]

Subjective and objective image differences in pediatric computed tomography cardiac angiography using lower iodine concentration

Background Several recent studies showed the optimal contrast enhancement with a low-concentration and iso-osmolar contrast media in both adult and pediatric patients. However, low contrast media concentrations are not routinely used due to concerns of suboptimal enhancement of cardiac structures and small vessels. Objective To evaluate the feasibility of using iso-osmolar contrast media containing a […]

Diffusion-Tensor Imaging of the Physes: A Possible Biomarker for Skeletal Growth—Experience with 151 Children

Purpose To determine the changes of diffusion-tensor imaging (DTI) and tractography in the distal femur and proximal tibia related to age, sex, and height. Materials and Methods Following institutional review board approval, with waiver of consent and with HIPAA compliance, the authors retrospectively analyzed DTI images of the knee in 151 children, 73 girls (median […]