Simple preoperative radiation safety interventions significantly lower radiation doses during central venous line placement in children

Beatrix Hyemin Choi, Kamalou Yaya, Vinay Prabhu, Nancy Fefferman, Beverly Mitchell, Keith A Kuenzler, Howard B Ginsburg, Jason C Fisher, Sandra Tomita Abstract Purpose The purpose of this study was to reduce radiation exposure during pediatric central venous line (CVL) placement by implementing a radiation safety process including a radiation safety briefing and a job-instruction […]

Update: Image Gently and Nuclear Medicine at 10 Years

S. Ted Treves, MD; Michael Gelfand, MD; Marguerite Parisi, MD, MS Ed; Michael Lassmann, PhD; Marilyn Goske, MD; Briana Sexton-Stallone; and Frederic Fahey, DSc Nuclear medicine offers well-established and valuable clinical diagnostic instrumentation and techniques in several disciplines, including urology, neurology, orthopedics, and oncology (1). Although radiation exposure from nuclear medicine studies is on par […]