Impact of low dose settings on radiation exposure during pediatric fluoroscopic guided interventions

Moritz Wildgruber, Michael Köhler, Richard Brill, Holger Goessmann, Wibke Uller, René Müller-Wille, Walter A. Wohlgemuth Abstract Purpose To evaluate the effects of lowering the detector entrance exposure in children undergoing interventional radiology procedures. Materials and Methods The study retrospectively investigated radiation dose levels in pediatric patients aged 0–18 years before (n = 39) and after (n = 26) lowering […]

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Computed tomography scanning in pediatric trauma: Opportunities for performance improvement and radiation safety

Charles W.Hartin Jr.,MD; Jeffery M.Jordan,MD, PhD; Seth Gemme, BS; Philip L. Glick,MD, MBA; Michael G.Caty, MD, MMM; Doruk E. Ozgediz, MD, MSc; Kathryn D. Bass, MD Abstract Background Recently, pediatric CT scanning protocols have reduced radiation exposure in children. Because evaluation with CT scan after trauma contributes to significant radiation exposure, we reviewed the CT […]

Choice of Tube Extremity for Emission of the Lowest Radiation Dose in Pediatric Patients

Abstract Aims To compare the dosage of radiation the thyroid and gonad glands receive in pediatric patients undergoing chest X-rays, in distinct positions, towards the goal of developing of an X-ray tube positioning protocol. Methods A randomized controlled clinical trial was carried out in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at the Institute of Cardiology/University […]

Utilization of a Radiation Safety Time-Out Reduces Radiation Exposure During Electrophysiology Procedures

Abstract Objectives This study sought to determine whether a radiation safety time-out reduces radiation exposure in electrophysiology procedures. Background Time-outs are integral to improving quality and safety. We hypothesized that a radiation safety time-out would reduce radiation exposure levels for patients and the health care team members. Methods The study was performed at the New […]