Benefit-risk communication in paediatric imaging: What do referring physicians, radiographers and radiologists think, say and do?

By:  J. L. Portelli, J. P. McNulty, P. Bezzina, L. Rainford


To assess how referrers and practitioners disclose benefit-risk information about medical imaging examinations to paediatric patients and their parents/guardians; to gauge their confidence in doing so; and to seek their opinion about who is responsible for disclosing such information.


This study followed on from a previously published study, with a questionnaire distributed in staggered phases to 146 radiographers, 22 radiology practitioners, 55 emergency physicians and 43 paediatricians at a primary paediatric referralcentre in Malta. The questionnaire sought details about referrers’ and practitioners’ practice of disclosing benefit-risk information, as well as their opinion about their confidence and responsibility to do so.


An overall response rate of 63.2% (168/266) was achieved. Most referrers and practitioners would generally [Read more…]

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