Update: Image Gently and Nuclear Medicine at 10 Years

S. Ted Treves, MD; Michael Gelfand, MD; Marguerite Parisi, MD, MS Ed; Michael Lassmann, PhD; Marilyn Goske, MD; Briana Sexton-Stallone; and Frederic Fahey, DSc Nuclear medicine offers well-established and valuable clinical diagnostic instrumentation and techniques in several disciplines, including urology, neurology, orthopedics, and oncology (1). Although radiation exposure from nuclear medicine studies is on par […]

Radiation exposure during paediatric emergency CT: Time we took notice?

David N. Naumann, David Raven, Arvind Pallan, Douglas M. Bowley Abstract Introduction Concerns exist about radiation exposure during medical imaging. Comprehensive computerised tomography (CT) dose standards exist for adults, but are incomplete for children. We investigated paediatric CT radiation doses at a NHS Trust in order to define the extent of the risk. Methods CT […]

Effect of staff training on radiation dose in pediatric CT – European Journal of Radiology

Azadeh Hojreh, Michael Weber, Peter Homolka Abstract Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of staff training on radiation doses applied in pediatric CT scans. Methods: Pediatric patient doses from five CT scanners before (1426 scans) and after staff training (2566 scans) were compared statistically. Examinations included cranial CT (CCT), thoracic, abdomen –pelvis, and trunk scans. Dose […]

Letter From the Editor: Pediatric Imaging and Radiation Safety

Jannette Collins, MD, MEd, FCCP, FACR (Editor) Before 2001, most pediatric imaging was conducted by use of the same or similar techniques used for adult imaging.1 In 2001, several investigators reported that this approach was not necessary and resulted in estimated radiation doses to children to be as much as 3 times that given to […]

Impact of low dose settings on radiation exposure during pediatric fluoroscopic guided interventions

Moritz Wildgruber, Michael Köhler, Richard Brill, Holger Goessmann, Wibke Uller, René Müller-Wille, Walter A. Wohlgemuth Abstract Purpose To evaluate the effects of lowering the detector entrance exposure in children undergoing interventional radiology procedures. Materials and Methods The study retrospectively investigated radiation dose levels in pediatric patients aged 0–18 years before (n = 39) and after (n = 26) lowering […]