Cumulative radiation dose estimates from medical imaging in paediatric patients with non-oncologic chronic illnesses. A systematic review

By:  Marco Branbilla, Andreana De Mauri, Domenico Lizio, Lucia Leva, Alessandro Carriero, Clara Carpeggiani, Eugenio Picano


The use of diagnostic imaging procedures with ionizing radiation and, in particular, of computed tomography (CT) in childrenrepresents a great benefit for the diagnosis and treatment of benignand malignant conditions.The population-based rates of the use of diagnostic imagingprocedures with ionizing radiation in children in United Stateswere recently reported by Dorfman et al. [1]. They found that theseprocedures were performed in 42.5% of the 355,088 enrolled children and that CT studies, associated with substantially higher dosesof radiation than conventional diagnostic radiology, accounted for11.9% of all procedures and were performed repeatedly in a smallergroup of children (3.5%).The main concern in the use of procedures with radiation is thepotential long-term effect of radiation exposure, namely the wellknown association between radiation and increased cancer risk.Unfortunately, this radiation awareness may be suboptimal indoctors, including pediatricians [2,3].Most important…. [Read more…]


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