Image Gently: Getting It Right


Donald P. Frush, MD and Keith J. Strauss, MS

This is the second Image Gently® column in the series alternating with Image Wisely® [1. Material in ensuing columns will continue to include topics such as dose management, educational activities, and the impact of the Image Gently Alliance. However, it is also valuable to revisit the Image Gently Alliance, to walk through the “front doors” and head straight to the information desk. This column deals with misconceptions that have arrived at the front desk because misconceptions can cloud the picture and lead to getting it wrong. These nonprioritized points of confusion come mostly from inquiries through the website (including those from parents) and other conversations, such as at meetings and during interviews.

1.The Image Gently Alliance is an organization whose leadership is composed of pediatric radiologists.

Partly, but the steering committee also includes adult and general radiologists, medical physicists, technologists, media and communication experts, and patient advocates. The approximately 100 Alliance member organizations represent an even broader reach into the medical community than radiology alone. Consensus is essential.

2.  The Alliance business model is sustained through [

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