Radiation dose to the paediatric undergoing diagnostic coronary angiography and percutaneous intervention procedures

M. Abuzaid; A. Abdelrazig; A. Sulieman; M. Alkhorayef; E. Babikir; B. Alonazi; D. A. Bradley Highlights •Pediatric radiation dose is a critical issue and should be optimized. •Radiation dose benchmark guideline should be available to achieve ALARA. •Monitoring of radiation dose and awareness improvement among healthcare workers. Abstract Successful diagnostic and clinical outcomes in use […]

Simple preoperative radiation safety interventions significantly lower radiation doses during central venous line placement in children

Beatrix Hyemin Choi, Kamalou Yaya, Vinay Prabhu, Nancy Fefferman, Beverly Mitchell, Keith A Kuenzler, Howard B Ginsburg, Jason C Fisher, Sandra Tomita Abstract Purpose The purpose of this study was to reduce radiation exposure during pediatric central venous line (CVL) placement by implementing a radiation safety process including a radiation safety briefing and a job-instruction […]

Update: Image Gently and Nuclear Medicine at 10 Years

S. Ted Treves, MD; Michael Gelfand, MD; Marguerite Parisi, MD, MS Ed; Michael Lassmann, PhD; Marilyn Goske, MD; Briana Sexton-Stallone; and Frederic Fahey, DSc Nuclear medicine offers well-established and valuable clinical diagnostic instrumentation and techniques in several disciplines, including urology, neurology, orthopedics, and oncology (1). Although radiation exposure from nuclear medicine studies is on par […]

Radiation exposure during paediatric emergency CT: Time we took notice?

David N. Naumann, David Raven, Arvind Pallan, Douglas M. Bowley Abstract Introduction Concerns exist about radiation exposure during medical imaging. Comprehensive computerised tomography (CT) dose standards exist for adults, but are incomplete for children. We investigated paediatric CT radiation doses at a NHS Trust in order to define the extent of the risk. Methods CT […]