Radiation exposure during paediatric emergency CT: Time we took notice?

David N. Naumann, David Raven, Arvind Pallan, Douglas M. Bowley

Concerns exist about radiation exposure during medical imaging. Comprehensive computerised tomography (CT) dose standards exist for adults, but are incomplete for children. We investigated paediatric CT radiation doses at a NHS Trust in order to define the extent of the risk.

CT dose indicators (CTDI) were recorded for all scans on paediatric patients from January – December 2011 and benchmarked against American College of Radiologists reference levels (75 mGy for adult head, 25 mGy for adult abdomen, and 20 mGy for paediatric (5-year-old) abdomen). Size-specific dose estimates (SSDE) were calculated based on effective patient diameter as recommended by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine. Student t-test was used to compare CTDI and SSDE values for each anatomical region.

Of 53,648 paediatric emergency presentations, [Read more]

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