What can I do as a Referring Physician?

Just as you do now, be every child’s advocate.

Learn more about the diagnostic and therapeutic uses of medical radiation:

Computed Tomography (CT)

If you only know one thing about CT scans in children, let it be that there is a growing awareness of the opportunities to lower and limit dose in the CT imaging of children without compromising the diagnostic quality. Encourage parents to ask questions and then point them to these pages. Two informational brochures:

Digital Radiology (X-Ray)

The Image Gently Digital Radiography writer’s group has created the below parent brochure entitled “X-rays for Children: What Parents Should Know About Radiation Protection in Medical Imaging”. This full color brochure was designed to be printed locally and distributed to parents and patients. Click below to download this valuable resource now.

For more information and educational materials, please visit the Digital Radiography educational pages here.

Teaching tools and Quality Improvement information


Fluoroscopy FAQs for Medical Professionals

Fluoroscopy FAQs for Parents/Patients

Fluoroscopic procedures help us save kids’ lives! Fluoroscopic procedures help us save kids’ lives!

When we image patients, radiation matters!

Children are more sensitive to radiation.

What we do now lasts their lifetimes.

Image kids with care:
  • Pause and child-size the technique.
  • Use the lowest pulse rate possible.
  • Consider ultrasound or MRI when possible.
Contrast enema: Parent Brochure
Parent brochures developed by:

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center/ University of Cincinnati School of Medicine:
Robyn Gebhard, BS, lead
Marilyn Goske, MD
Shelia Salisbury
Dianne Hater
Catherine Leopard
Steven J Kraus, MD
Jan Warren, Illustrations


What Parents should know about Medical Radiation Safety in Pediatric Interventional Radiology (8-pages) which discuss the issue in greater depth.

Nuclear Medicine

Click on the links below for the version of the informational brochure you prefer.

What can I do as a Referring Physician?

Parent Resources